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RM-ONLINE: Relationship manager online - underwriting - servicing - annual reviews
Boots on the Ground: Sales & marketing support
The Breakfast Club: Community outreach programs

About Us

Biz Lending & Insurance Center, Inc. (BLIC) creating large results!


Organized in 2004 for the specific purpose of assisting Credit Unions with processing and originating quality commercial real estate & business loans! Our goal is to make the origination process for commercial real estate and business loans smooth and easy for the Credit Union, underwriter, investor and business owner.


To achieve this goal BLIC has formed alliances with Credit Union Service Credit Unions (CUSO), Bankers Banks and third party outsource firms and Credit Unions throughout the United State. The BLIC team presents loan packages to our alliance partners that meet their policy, procedures and guidelines.


When BLIC receives an opportunity that appears to be within the guidelines and product profile as defined by our partners we immediately undertake an initial screening of the broker or vendor that presented the package to insure that they are reputable. We then work directly with borrower or sponsor that presented the loan to gather all the required documentation and information required so our Credit Union partners can effectively underwrite the loan opportunity. When all the documentation and information is in place BLIC will grant our partner(s) access to our secure “drop box” site to transfer the files to their underwriting team.


Ultimately each Credit Union makes the decision to move forward and fund the loan or not.

Our partners will only move forward with opportunities that are well vetted and reviewed. All the Credit Union needs to do is make a decision to move forward or pass on the opportunity.

BLIC will then work with the Credit Union and participating Credit Unions (if needed) to set up closing and funding.


We call this program – RM-Online




Biz Lending & Insurance Center, Inc. (BLIC) is all about helping Credit Unions find, review, support and close more quality Commercial Real Estate Loans, Business Loans, Business Deposit Accounts and Ancillary products.

With RM-ONLINE (relationship manager online) your Credit Union can empower its Business Relationship Manager(s) (RM) to do what they do best; close business and commercial real estate loans. Most small to midsized Credit Unions these days have limited staff and maybe employ only one or a couple of RM’s that do the jobs of many including but not limited to prospecting, selling, obtaining new applicants, collecting documentation, spreading numbers, preparing write ups for the credit committee, communicating with the applicants, working with the underwriting department, reviewing appraisals, arranging closings, opening up new accounts, site inspections, annual reviews, collections etc. etc. etc!


What if the Relationship Manager(s) could be relieved from many of these support functions while enhancing their relationship with more business owners and freeing their time to generate additional loan and new account opportunities? Or, if your in-between relationship managers and want to continue bringing in new business and supporting old clients. Sounds good, well it is.


And this is what Biz Lending Center’s RM-ONLINE program accomplishes. Here’s how!



About BLIC


Questions? Give us a call at 888-297-7289 ext 700!

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